Reiki Healing in Dempsey

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Take On Holistic Healing With Inside Out Healing

Reiki is a non-invasive alternative healing practice that transfers universal energy from one person to another through the hands. At Inside Out Healing, we are excited to offer this life changing practice to help you heal, rediscover, and reconnect.

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Why Is Reiki Right For You?

Experience the many benefits of Reiki Healing, which include helping you to destress, relax, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, reduce blood pressure, reduce fatigue, release muscular tension, aches and pains. On a deeper level it will help you to find balance in your life, reconnect to your deeper self, become more centered and grounded, leading you to discover what truly matters to you, empowering you to make life altering changes.

Whether you are looking to improve energy levels and learn how to de-stress, or want to reconnect to yourself on a deeper level, join us at one of our locations today and try out our Reiki healing for yourself.

You can enjoy:

  • Improved mental clarity
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Improve mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Pain relief throughout your entire body
  • Healing of past traumas
  • Manifesting your intentions


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Don't miss out on the incredible experience of Reiki at Inside Out Healing. We're proud to share this revitalizing system to help you heal and move forward with renewed energy and awareness.

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What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese system that harnesses the energy which is in us and all around us, in everything.

A Reiki Master is able to connect with this energy and enable it to flow, either replenishing energy levels, or moving it from areas where it may have become trapped causing energy imbalances. Once energy is able to flow freely, our bodies and minds will find a new balance thus helping you to reconnect and rediscover your own life force energy for the purpose of healing, whether that be mental, physical, emotional or spiritual.

Reiki is not a religion, and it can be practiced by people of all faiths and belief systems.

Reiki is a safe and gentle modality. It is complimentary to any other form of treatment one may be undergoing whether natural or conventional. It works holistically to help the body balance and heal.

Please do note that it is not a substitute for conventional medicine, it is a complementary treatment which can help to support and enhance healing on all levels.

Every Moment of Our Life Can be the Beginning of Great Things

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